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We manufacture our equipment in our own facility, that is an environmentally sustainable “green building” and is certified in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). NPACK strictly practices lean manufacturing to minimize waste in all our processes.

We are located in Jiangsu China which is centrally located near major shipping hubs which offers lower shipping costs and quick delivery to most worldwide locations. Our values include honesty, integrity, determination and work ethic for which Hoosiers are known.

Our facility is composed of the following:

Well-trained and experienced staff
On-site Engineering support
Production Engineering
Manufacturing and assembly
Testing equipment and parts
Materials requirement planning (MRP)
Advanced in-house machining centers
NPACK designs and builds competitively priced modular equipment tailored to your production needs and goals. While others say they provide turnkey service, NPACK actually does. From design to assembly, you can expect quality equipment and filling lines that ultimately improve your bottom line.

Quality Assurance

1, Guarantee of the equipment supplied by our company is a new unused using the latest design and suitable material made, and in all aspects meets the quality specification and performance stipulated in the contract.

2, The company guarantee provided by the equipment after its correct guidance in the whole system work 3 days after the installation and debugging, to achieve product technical performance indicators.

3, Our company guarantee in the quality guarantee period stipulated in the contract, the design process of for supplying equipment manufacturing installation debugging or material defects and all caused by the seller's responsibility is responsible for any defects in the production line of fault and damage.

4, The whole machine quality guarantee period for the production line for 12 months after acceptance. If found in quality guarantee period, the quality of the goods or the specification and is not in conformity with the provisions of the contract, or prove that the goods are defective (including potential defects or the use of substandard materials, etc.), the buyer is entitled to according to the inspection certificate issued by the legal department of the goods within the quality guarantee period the seller treatment scheme is put forward.

5, The company to the quality of the product on the mechanical properties of the supplied equipment and guarantee of product consumption index.


1, After the equipment acceptance, provide 12 months warranty, the warranty period provided free of charge for parts and components defect caused by the seller and the timely and effective service.

2, After the warranty, lifelong provide widely favorable technical support after-sales service.
After-sales service: our company after-sales service department has a dedicated after-sales service hotline service telephone, our staff is responsible for picking up the phone user, ensure to the user in the first question to give enthusiasm earnest reply after the equipment acceptance of the equipment we provide 12 months warranty service process, we will provide at least once by the professional and technical personnel of routine inspection, and provide the detailed inspection report, for the user reference users put forward clear after maintenance requirements, our company promises: the user scene in the shortest possible time sent for repair service.